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Visit Intelligence released an all-in-one sensor

Visit Intelligence has released an all-in-one IoT sensor at MAPIC retail property trade fair in France. The new sensor is called Visit® OTOS. It’s capable of counting visitors, analysing visitor routes and measuring dwell times. As the only sensor in the world this same device does anonymous demographic profiling by estimating visitors’ age and gender, and it can also be used to make heatmap illustrations that show occupancy rates of premises.

By turning this data into the right informative context imposes tremendous possibilities that can improve business performance and customer experience.

“This is one of a kind sensor in the field right now. It further strengthen our position, not just the pioneer in visitor analytics, but also Visit’s position in general as the most comprehensive retail analytics company there is,” says Lauri Ruohonen, the CEO of Visit Intelligence.

Visit® OTOS is a collaboration with Innorange, a retail analytics startup specialized in mobile device observation technology. The recent capital investment agreement between Visit Intelligence and Innorange made it possible to integrate Innorange’s technology into Visit®’s portfolio.

I think this is a beginning of a beautiful friendship. Or how did Humphrey Bogard put it again…” says Lauri and smiles.