Visit® – retail visitor analytics

Visit® helps Store Layout Designer to increase sales/m2


  • Learn from the in-store traffic patterns to increase sales and maximize revenue.
  • Streamline store layout designing and save money and time.
  • Measure the effect of product positioning and create optimal retail store layout.
  • Optimize the success of your store’s promotional displays and other in-store advertisement and see how they engage different age groups and gender.
  • Measure the shop areas with low foot-traffic flow and plan motivational activities to level the entire outlet.

See clear illustrations what attracted the visitors and where did they spend their time. How do visitors usually behave when entering the store? Do they go straight, turn right or turn left? And where do they stop? Today this knowledge is something taken for granted when operated online but it’s just as essential for in-stores.

Use this insight to make improvements to the store layout, product placement and in-store advertisement. Identify high and low density areas. Find new sale opportunities from the shopper traffic. Changes accordingly will drive results. Customers are better engaged and sales per square meter will go up. Changes to the store layout increase average transaction value typically 1-5%.