Visit® – retail visitor analytics

How it works

Getting started

As easy as ordering pizza

Business optimization cycle

Data logging from your store and other sources

Automatic data analysis with patented error checking

Easy access to actionable knowledge

Business optimization actions


Visit® has a most comprehensive platform in the industry combining all the solutions from loss prevention to in-store experience tracking in one cloud based reporting overview. Virtually any technology is connectable to Visit® system with customer privacy matters taken in consideration. And all our sensors are remotely manageable for quick response time and low costs in case maintenance is needed.

Visit® OTOS

All-in-one IoT device integrating visitor tracking and counting, demography recognition, engagement and WiFi tracking.


Proven and trusted sensors with industry-leading tracking and counting technology.

OEM solutions

Is Visit® technology something that could complete your product? Our sensors and software are adaptable and easily integrated to be part of your product.