Visit® – retail visitor analytics

Visit® OTOS all-in-one visitor tracking sensor

Integrated demography recognition, visitor engagement and WiFi tracking

Increase your internal marketing revenue and business potential

Visit® OTOS product photo

    • Maximize engagement and marketing potential by understanding how different zones and promotional displays engage different visitor profiles:
      • gender
      • age groups
      • mood
    • Count visitor flows and cars.
    • Distinguish shoppers from visitor flow.
    • Get detailed information about visitor routes.
    • Deep analyze special spots through heat map views.
    • Increase tenants’ revenue by managing your tenant locations and mix better according to visitor profiles; maximize your revenue from promotional space and digital displays with accurate data on engagement across visitor profiles. (shopping centers and traveling real estates)
    • Increase your marketing effectiveness based on detailed demography analysis across your visitors and bypasses.
    • And more…

What a single Visit® OTOS all-in-one IoT device can do

Visitor and Car Tracking

  • People counting
  • Car counting
  • Occupancy
  • Area dwell
  • Engagement
Maximize business revenue potential

Demographic Profiling

  • Demographic profiling (anonymous)
    • age
    • gender
    • mood
  • Engagement
    • promotion displays
    • zones
    • floors
  • Heat maps
    • hot and cold spots
    • visitor routes
Increase marketing revenue

Calibrated WiFi Tracking

  • Comparison to visitor amounts
  • Marketing effectiveness
  • Loyalty
Optimize marketing effectiveness and visibility

Heat Map Analysis

  • Your own data feed
    • marketing expenses
    • staff information
    • POS
    • loss prevention
    • ERP
    • etc.
  • External data
    • weather
    • etc.
Activate and engage with your visitors

Some technical notifications

  • Always anonymous.
  • In addition to the internal camera OTOS can analyze feed from any existing camera infrastructure.
  • Connects to the Visit® platform with onboard Ethernet, WiFi or 3G providing full remote management.
  • On-board flash storage ensures that data is protected against network failures or power loss.
  • Low-bandwidth utilization due to processing inside the device.