Visit® – retail visitor analytics

Visit® for Shopping Center


  • See how different zones and floors engage visitors.
  • Optimize rents according to clear statistics from location footfall and visitor profiles: age, gender, mood, visitor frequency etc.
  • Maximize your revenue from promotional space and digital display time based on statistics showing how the locations convert traffic.
  • Increase customer spend using information from customer routes, times and store locations to create better marketing opportunities.
  • Understand your Social Hubs’ visitor patterns and increase dwell time and shopper expenditure.
  • Treat yourself with the same information as online operators and gain agility in management and confidence in planning.

Shopping Center is a big complex. Utilizing Visit® managing the entity becomes so much easier. Measure the value of property investments. Have specific insight from different zone engagements and traffic flows. This comes in handy when estimating rents or mapping out targets and seeking ways to improve.

We’re able to count cars and based on that our program can define customer loyalty which can also be calculated from calibrated WiFi tracking giving accurate results unlike uncalibrated. Visit® can even count your carbon footprint. Using our services will not just help you to make more, it helps you to safe as well and of course create better customer satisfaction. Having more detailed analytics that are no fuss to use available 24/7 is a powerful tool.