Visit® – retail visitor analytics

Visit® enables Marketing Officer to identify target groups


  • Monitor the success of your advertising.
  • Compare different marketing channels and their performance.
  • Identify the most valuable visitor groups.
  • Be able to measure the effectiveness of product positioning.
  • Optimize the in-store promotional display locations and measure their engagement in general as well as how they engage different age groups and gender.

Marketing is one of the most important aspects of a successful business. Visit® gives you the opportunity to get constant feedback from your marketing successfulness. Likewise our analytics help you to make it more effective by identifying the most important target groups and channels. Did you know better-targeted social media integration increases footfall typically 1-3% and better window advertisement 1-5%?

What caught the attention and where did the visitors spend their time? Better in-store marketing and product placement increase average basket value usually 2-5%. Analyze and act accordingly. With Visit® optimizing marketing effectiveness is easy.