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Visit® at Checkpoint Innovation day in Hong Kong

Visit® was strongly present as it’s long time OEM partner Checkpoint Systems ( Innovation Day in Hong Kong. Advanced visitor analytics solution fully integrated to Checkpoint Systems’ loss prevention products was demonstrated for asian customers bringing the loss prevention and retail analytics closer together.

Visit®  is fully compatible with Checkpoint Loss Prevention systems enabling retailers to both reduce the shrink and increase the sales by utilising the same platform.

Quote from Christophe Castagne, Director of Merchandise Visibility Solutions South East Asia, Checkpoint Systems, Inc. 

Another product introduced at the Innovation Session is an advanced visitor analytics solution that includes all-in-one Internet of Things (IoT) sensors and a 24/7 interactive dashboard with data processed in the cloud. The sensors feature integrated camera and image processing capabilities that can help count pedestrian street traffic, provide visitor demographic information such as gender, age and their mood, and conduct “heatmapping”, identifying hot and cold areas in the store i.e. areas that are most or least frequented by customers. Its WiFi tracking feature can also help distinguish shoppers from visitor flows, identify new and old visitors and track dwell times and the most efficient customer routes.

According to Mr. Castagne, Checkpoint Systems’ advanced visitor analytics solution has been used by over 4,000 stores and shopping malls globally. The data collected and analysed has helped these retailers compare store performances, identify target groups, optimise staffing, activate and engage visitors and improve sales per square metre of floor space.

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