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EuroShop Aftermath

For smaller and medium-sized enterprises fairs can serve as a big expenditure or an opportunity. You can’t necessarily predict the outcome. There are many factors involved. But this doesn’t mean you’re not able to influence your odds to succeed.

We had recently participated in two fairs, MAPIC and UNR, before this year’s EuroShop. From those earlier experiences we had learned a lot and for EuroShop we had a clear game plan.

We knew that we wouldn’t have the biggest stand in the fair or the most impressive props to create illusions. But we believed in our odds to win. And why wouldn’t we! Compared to even to our biggest competitors they don’t have an advantage when it comes to the actual end product. On the contrary even thought they do have more money to spend on marketing. If we would use our strengths and follow the game plan based on what we had previously figured out, we knew our odds were better than ever.

So, how did it go?

Everything looked very promising from the beginning. Every day we had a lot of visitors and they showed a lot of interest.

Last week passed unloading the mountain of piled work, mainly contacting the people we met in EuroShop and closing the deals. Exactly how tight our installation schedule is going be during the next few months it’s still to be seen but at this point we can already honestly say that for us EuroShop was a success.

Thanks again to everyone that took the time to visit us in EuroShop. Hope to talk to you all soon!