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Launch of the Visit 360° Sensor

Enhanced Capabilities with the New Visit® 360° Sensor

Visit® is thrilled to launch the new Visit® 360° Sensor, an advanced technology reshaping people flow analytics with its state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and comprehensive 360-degree analytics with enhanced object recognition capabilities. These new features include sophisticated multi-object viewpoint analysis, cementing its role as a transformative tool for organizations and smart city initiatives worldwide.

‘Privacy First’ Principle: Secure Analytics Without Personal Data

Emphasizing the importance of privacy, the Visit® 360° Sensor has been engineered to ensure that no personal data is collected. Adhering strictly to this principle, the sensor’s “on-the-edge” AI algorithms process data internally, meaning no pictorial material is stored or transferred during the analytics process. The output is purely data-centric, offering a stream of information classified by object type—such as people or cars—complete with timestamps and movement paths within the detection area, all while maintaining complete anonymity of subjects and privacy.

AI Learning Capabilities: Enhanced Object Detection

The Visit® 360° Sensor is equipped with an AI that can learn to detect various objectives within its environment. This advanced capability allows the sensor to adapt to diverse settings and requirements, tailoring its analytics to specific operational needs. Over time, the sensor’s ability to recognize patterns and changes in human behavior becomes increasingly refined, crucial for environments where customer interaction and flow are dynamic.

Enhanced Analytical Precision with Reduced Costs

The new Visit® 360° Sensor requires fewer units per square meter without compromising the breadth and accuracy of data captured. This advanced sensor is ideal for a wide range of environments, capable of analyzing areas up to 600 square meters with a single unit. This efficiency not only reduces installation costs but also lowers the operational overhead associated with maintaining multiple units, making it an economically advantageous solution for large-scale deployments.

Effortless Scalability and Deployment

Understanding the need for uncomplicated integration, the Visit® 360° Sensor is designed to minimize installation costs and complexity. The sensor reduces the necessity for extensive cabling and additional mobile routers for data transfer, thanks to its embedded cellular data modem and Wi-Fi. For venues with existing infrastructure, the sensor also boasts the capability to transfer data via an ethernet cabling network, ensuring versatile connectivity options.

Advanced Multi-Object Viewpoint Analysis

Further distinguishing itself, the Visit® 360° Sensor employs sophisticated multi-object viewpoint analysis to deliver unparalleled people flow insights. This capability enables the sensor to analyze multiple objects simultaneously, providing a deeper understanding of space utilization, pedestrian dynamics, and overall crowd behavior. Such detailed analytics are crucial for optimizing traffic flow in shopping malls, retail premises, public premises such as museums, and improving overall facility management.

Applications Across Industries

The versatility of the Visit® 360° Sensor extends to a variety of sectors. Beyond traditional people counting, its capabilities include detecting occupancy levels, paths analysis, turning points and much more. These features empower businesses and urban planners to make informed decisions that optimize building usage and improve public safety.

A Tool for Smarter City Development

The application of the Visit® 360° Sensor also extends to traffic management and urban mobility. Its advanced technology can be efficiently utilized for car counting, tracking vehicle flow, and analyzing traffic patterns. As urban areas continue to grow, the Visit® 360° Sensor offers essential data that helps manage these complex environments effectively, promoting developments that are technologically advanced, eco-friendly, and optimally designed for human activity.


The Visit® 360° Sensor is now available for organizations aiming to leverage cutting-edge AI in people flow analytics and smart city applications. Interested parties are encouraged to contact Visit® for more details on integrating this technology into their operations.

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